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Am/Can Ch. Al Dahnyla's Lady in Red, CD, FCh
Chubasco Halcyon, CDX
Ch. Ismahan Amaranthe CD

Am/Can Ch. Al Dahnyla's Lady in Red, CD, FCh.

Lady in Red

Whelped May 10, 1976
Bred by Betty & Rachel Abramson

We first saw Cha Cha at a show at the age of 3 and could not get her out of our minds. When her breeders, Betty and Rachel Abramson, allowed her to come and live with us, we were ecstatic. She finished her championship at the famed Santa Barbara KC in 1980 under Carla Molinari of Portugal, finished her field title with a Best in Field and was in the Top Ten obedience rankings for 1981. A triple Huntsman great-granddaughter, she exuded the dignity, elegance and unmistakable style characteristic of that line. Her movement was outstanding. She produced one litter, the first bred under the Timaru prefix. This litter of three, sired by Chubasco Halcyon, CDX, produced Ch. Timaru Zinfandel, CDX who is in all Timaru pedigrees to this day. 

Ch. Jen Araby Huntsman

Ch. Jen Araby Sultan Ch. Jen Araby Teja
Jen Araby Al Dahna
Ch. Jen Araby Huntsman

Ch. Jen Araby Amytis Ch. Jen Araby Trima

Ch. Jen Araby Huntsman

Ch. El Bemidji Jen Araby Centez
Ch. Layla Abu Jilda
Ch. Jen Araby Agamemnon

Dhare Tel Kolah Jen Araby Jandir

Chubasco Halcyon, CDX

Chubasco Halcyon, CDX

Whelped October 16, 1977
Bred by Jo-Ann Van Arsdale

Demian was the first Saluki to earn an advanced obedience degree in California and was in the Obedience Top Ten for 1983. He was a small, elegant male with a beautiful underline and the most luxurious of ear feathering. He passed his energy and enthusiasm for life to his descendants, especially to the boys, who demonstrate an endearing loyalty to those who earn their devotion. He sired one litter of three to our Am/Can Ch. Al Dahnyla' Lady in Red, CD, FCh. Bred by Jo-Ann Van Arsdale.

Knightellington Djado

Am/Can Ch. Jen Araby Jurwadi Bey Ch. Jen Araby Bekitaten
Am/Can Ch. Jen Araby Mr. Jay
Ch. Jen Araby Diamond Jim

Ch. Jen Araby Mumtaz Mahal Ch. Jen Araby Feyadaan

Am/Can Ch. Jen Araby Jurwadi Bey

Am/Can Ch. Jen Araby Mr. Jay Ch. Jen Araby Mumtaz Mahal
Chubasco Orient
Ch. Jen Araby Huntsman

Crown Crest Carisma Sahara El Saraji Billa de Esta

Ch Ismahan Amaranthe CD

Ismahan Amaranthe In 1981 Margaret and Ngaire Coe kindly offered us a puppy from their litter out of Am/Can Ch. Burydown Ismahane (Marni). We had first encountered Marni when the Coes brought her down from Canada for the 1980 Santa Barbara weekend; we were immediately struck by her classic porcelain-like beauty which to us epitomized the English look we were after. Our new puppy, Amber, began her career in obedience, taking High in Match her first time out at an all-breed obedience match and her first CD leg was a 192, flip finishes and all! She had her obedience degree by 8 months of age.

Her career in the show ring was equally meteoric. Back in the early 1980's  in California, showing an "English type" of Saluki was thought to put one at a disadvantage. However, Amber took three five point Specialty/TSE majors to finish her title by two years of age,  all within a three month period, all within California. She was Best of Winners at the San Angeles Saluki Club Specialty, Winners Bitch at the ASA Supported Entry at the Santa Barbara KC and Best of Winners at the Saluki Club of Greater San Francisco Specialty. In between, she went Winners Bitch at the Western Gazehound Specialty in Canada. Not one of those to peak early and drop out of sight, Amber was awarded Best of Breed at the prestigious Santa Barbara KC in 1987 in an entry of 210 Salukis at the age of  nearly six. Amber was bred twice. Her first litter was an outcross to our Ch. Timaru Zinfandel, CDX, a striking black-fringed red male bred along Jen Araby lines. There were eight in this litter, the most notable being Ch. Timaru Tanqueray, CD, CC, Ch. Timaru Tequila, Ch. Timaru Napoleon and Ch. Timaru Cinzano.  For her second litter, she was bred back to her son, Ch. Timaru Tequila, which produced our Christmas litter, which included Ch. Timaru Mistletoe, CD and Am/Can Ch. Timaru Melchior. Bred by Margaret and Ngaire Coe.

Eng. Ch. Almanza Kafiat

Am/Can Ch. Almanza Gwasmiyah, CD Eng. Ch. Almanza Aleesha
Can Ch. Counterpoint Errant Knight
Eng. Ch. Burydown Furudasht

Can Ch. Heathland  Zara Can Ch. Iroki's Bree of Heathland

Eng. Ch. Bedouin Caliph

Eng. Ch. Al Caliph's Alyfeh Eng. Ch. Burydown Asphodel Alanya
Am/Can Ch. Burydown Ismahane
Eng. Ch. Burydown Pasha

Eng. Ch. Burydown Xenia Burydown Knightellington Cheheli

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