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Health & Temperament Screening of Breeding Stock

While Salukis are not plagued by many health issues, keeping it that way requires the diligence of all breeders to use only the most temperBentleyamentally sound and healthiest of stock to breed from. We take a very genetic view of breeding and believe that physical characteristics, temperament and health profiles are highly inherited.

TamiBecause of this, we only select from our best to go on to the next generation. We don't want anyone to experience the heartbreak of a defective puppy and long before we plan a litter, we make sure that the potential parents are sound of mind and have passed certain proscribed health clearances, despite any winning show records. The dogs we select for breeding must be adaptable enough to go from being a beloved house pet in a family situation, to dealing with the excitement of travel, going to events, seeing new people, strange dogs and being in unfamiliar situations. We do not want to be responsible for producing dogs that cannot handle life in the 21st century with all its stimulation and restrictions.

While Salukis are always going to be independent, not immediately obedient and delightfully whimsical, we do exHawkpect them to be level-headed and adaptable as adults.  While we applaud those who are willing to put in huge amounts of time, training and resources into rehabilitating or treating animals with behavioral or health issues, we find it to be much more satisfying to breed sound dogs. We also screen our potential homes to make sure that our puppies are a good fit for each particular situation. After that, it is up to the puppy buyer to provide the right kind of experiences, training, love and guidance necessary for producing a well-adjusted adult, a process in which we are happy to participate in as lifelong consultants. 

While their are no health tests recommended by the Saluki Club of America, we do test all our our breeding stock for cardiac and thyroid disorders, these being the two most prevalent health issues in the breed, aside from cancers and obtain clearances from the Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA).  And, while we do our best to produce healthy dogs, sometimes, the unforeseen happens, so we offer guarantees regarding specified conditions that may arise during the lifetime of the dog.

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