The Greek Litter

Whelped September 9, 1993
(One boy and five girls.)

Ch. Timaru Tanqueray, CD, CC Schwanhild Ach El Arab A'Raak

Can. Ch. Jen Araby Aravnah

Mex. Ch. Jen Araby Zipparav
Am/Can Ch. Jen Araby Zipparah
Schwanhild Ach El Arab A'Raak

Aust. Ch. Kiabe Sabatashar

Kiabe Saki of Schwanhild
Aust. Ch. Schwanhild Asil Ecliptic

Chubasco Halcyon, CDX

Ch. Timaru Zinfandel, CDX
Am/Can Ch. Al Dahnayla's Lady in Red, CD, FCh.
Ch.Timaru Tanqueray, CD, CC

Can. Ch. Counterpoint Errant Knight

Ch. Ismahan Amaranthe, CD Am/Can Ch. Burydown Ismahane

Ch. Timaru Zephyrus SC, CD
Ch. Timaru Zanthe
Can. Ch. Timaru Iolanthe, FChX
Timaru Amaranthe

Timaru Myrranthe

Ch. Timaru Zephyrus, CD, SC


Zephyrus is an amazing Saluki. He has been a favorite of an international roster of both breeder and all rounder judges. He started his show career with a Reserve from the 9-12 Month Puppy Class at the prestigious Santa Barbara KC in 1994 in an entry of 40 class dogs and returned the following year to take the points over 48 class dogs. As a sire, he has been phenomenal. Bred four times, he has sired 12 champions, many of whom have earned multiple titles in conformation, obedience, open field and lure coursing. He was awarded Top Stud Dog for 2000 by the American Saluki Association and has stamped his offspring with his characteristic type, excellent temperament, outstanding movement and style. His influence is being felt in England, Australia, Finland, Canada, Germany and Holland and one of his sons has been the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club’s Top Stud Dog in England for 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.

 Owned by Jean Beeler, California.

Ch. Timaru Zanthe


Zanthe finished her title with three majors, including back-to-back 5 pointers at the '95 ASA Supported Entry in Atlanta. Enroute, she was Reserve Winners at the '95 Santa Barbara KC under England's Tessa Abbott. The beloved companion of Carol & Jerry Mowry, Zanthe was a Saluki of many talents:  water dog, herder of slower beasts, and comedian. She is sorely missed. Owned by Carol & Jerry Mowry, Florida.

Can. Ch. Timaru Iolanthe, FChX

Lure courser extraordinaire, movie star and devoted companion. If any word can describe Ariel, it's "GUSTO" and everything she does, is done on all six cylinders. Her lure coursing career has been outstanding: She was the #1 Lure Coursing Saluki in Canada for 1995 and 1996. She also managed a Best in Specialty along with her Canadian conformation title. Her most recent claim to fame was a supporting role in the Christopher Guest movie, Best in Show - where you an see her as the Saluki in the Hound Group! Owned by Marlyn Peet, British Colombia, Canada.

Timaru Amaranthe


Amira was a precious gift we were given for all too short a time. Best in the SASC  Futurity in '94, she had 11 points towards her title (including a major) when she was taken from us prematurely at the age of 3 . She was a very special Saluki and will always be missed. Owned by John & Lesley Brabyn, California.

Timaru Myrrhanthe

Owned by Laura Longfellow, California

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