The Timaru "P" Litter
Born May 18, 2020 (3 boys, 3 girls)

Bella standing
Bella at Lompoc
Bella head study
Barrat on table
BISS GCH Sadik Blue Bayou at Timaru
DC GCH Timaru Baccarat at Catonam, SC

Penelope 15m
Penelope moving
Penelope at 15 months
August, 2021
Penelope, BOW at NCSC Specialty- Aug 2021
Penelope, SASC
July 2021

Paparazzi at 14 months
Promise to Sadik at 4.5m

Aust Ch. Timaru Nighthawk

Ch. Catonam Imon Fire (Austr import)
Aust GCH Khamseh Inooshah
DC GCH Timaru Baccarat at            Catonam, SC    

Am/Can Ch. Lorrequer Kharyder

MBISS GCH. Timaru Iona, JC
BISS Ch. Timaru Tamarisk, JC

Ch. Gemini Phaeton Herb Diener

Am/Can Ch. Lorrequer Kharyder Can Ch. Lorrequer Incantation
BISS GCH. Sadik Blue Bayou at Timaru

Ch. Sadik Solar Flare, JC

BISS GCH Sadik Akhtar Piece of My Heart, JC
Ch. Sterling Aria Akhtar Sadik
                                  * Wright's inbreeding co-efficient = 8.94%

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